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Who we are?

We are IVR360 – a Virtual Reality company offering a full VR video production service from concept development through execution all the way to post-production. We are a team of professional filmmakers, who have more than 25 years of experience in making and delivering TV commercials, TV shows, music videos, and much more. IVR360 was born out of our desire for improvement and innovation.

Future is now.

What we do?

We are committed to provide the best service – from developing a concept through delivering the highest quality products. We believe in the future of VR and we strive to provide a unique service by working with the best equipment on the market and top professionals in the field.

Services & Products:

Games Design
Mobile Apps
Interactive Websites
360 Videos
360 Photos
VR Products
VR Applications
Our copywriters and directors are there for you for every step of the way. We will work with you to find the best way to tell your story, providing a concept and a script.
Years of experience in the field have prepared our production teams to go beyond the limits of “best practice”. Every frame we produce is carefully planned but we are always ready to improvise on our quest for perfection.

Our post-production experts edit, stitch, and layer interactive elements into an unforgettable VR experience. The team is prepared to venture into unexplored VR territory and to find creative solutions to perfect the finishing touches to your unique VR composition.

This shooting technology works by taking a series of images of an object from multiple angles. We then create a perfect interactive 360-degree spinning image of the object that is easy to integrate into websites and apps. Manual control over the image offers a detailed 360-degree view of your product at the fingertips of your customers.

We VRealise your dreams.

Who needs VR?


Have your customers browsing your store at home or in the office; show them your products in a way they have never seen them before; become and outstanding retailer. You should consider integrating 360 photos into your shopping platform straight away.

Travel & Tourism

It has never been easier for your clients to feel the vibe of a venue, to relax on the bed in a boutique hotel room or to crave embarking on an adventure. Make customers an interactive part of an exciting experience in the jungles, mountains, skies and oceans they have yet to discover.

Cars & Automotive

Get customers inside your car wherever they are. Every detail you would want to show off is now in your clients’ sight. Customers can feel the excitement of driving your newest model without the risk of a test-drive.


Live shows, conferences, catwalks, events – your audience can now have a front-row seat anywhere they happen to be. Help your fans relive the best part of your gig and let them join you on stage.


Our work



Live at Arena Armeec 2017


360 video trailer from the live concert of Grafa at Arena Armeec 2017


Mirafiori team drifts BMW at Extreme Fest 2016


Mirafiori team shows what a good drifter can do with a BMW.


Mirafiori team shows what a good drifter can do with a BMW.

IVR360 Showreel 2016

The best of our work from 2016

Male Dreams

Client: The Bulgarian National Lottery Advertising video for BTL campaign

Female Dreams

Client: The Bulgarian National Lottery - Advertising video for BTL campaign.


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We VRealise your dreams.